Electricity is one of the most essential and integral part of every house. A house without electricity is like a planet without living forms. Each and every action gets completed with electricity. In the present day, food can never be cooked without electricity, clothes can never be worn without using electricity, one can’t have a

Tips To Ensure Electrical Safety For Your Home

Tips to ensure elecrtical safety home

Electricity is one of the most essential and integral part of every house. A house without electricity is like a planet without living forms. Each and every action gets completed with electricity. In the present day, food can never be cooked without electricity, clothes can never be worn without using electricity, one can’t have a bath without electricity, one can’t store water without electricity, one can’t entertain himself without electricity, and one can’t earn without electricity. We make use of electricity so much but, we tend to forget on how to ensure safe electric system in the house. We give a lot of importance to the house design but not on the electrical systems and pipeline system. We often give that responsibility for the engineers.

It is essential and necessary to have electrical safety for home. We hear a lot about short circuit resulting in lots of damages to the lives as well as properties.  Here are few tips to ensure electrical safety for home.

Household Electrical Safety Tips


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Household electrical equipments include air conditioners, grinders, iron box, oven, fan, clothes dryer, electric water boiler, heaters, hair dryer, refrigerator, washing machines, electric cookware, television and many other appliances. These should be handled carefully. Since these electric items are used on a daily purpose it should we well maintained and handled.

The first and foremost tip that one should always look up to is the approval marks or the trademarks of the recognized companies. The appliances having the registered ISI marks are very safe to be used. There are a lot of fake and unrecognized appliances in the market which are available for low cost and have many dangerous effects. Therefore, one must always see for the recognized approval marks in the household appliances to be safe. When you buy please make sure that the electrical cords and cables are not loosened or damaged. In the present day, people buy without proper inspection. So it is essential to check the appliances before buying so that the safeties of the household appliances are ensured. One must never misuse the electrical appliances. You should consider certain things before buying an apartment in Kerala.

Actions leading to misuse of the household electrical appliances can lead to dangerous situations like bursting of appliances, catching fire, etc which can cause harm to life and property. Never forget to read the booklets given by the manufacturers. Most of us do not read the instructions and warnings before using the appliances. Therefore to have safe environment one must always read the instructions, safety tips, and warnings before the use of electrical household items.

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids


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Children’s safety is the responsibility of the elders. Always remember do not let your ignorance cause harm to other living beings. When you construct a house or rent a house you must always check the efficiency of the electrical system. Inspecting the circuits and electric system is mandatory to ensure the safety of the house and the people living in the house. Children usually are curious and lack the judgment capacity. Therefore you must keep an eye on them so that they are not affected by the electrical system of the house. Here are few electrical safety tips for kids. 

You must always remember to cover the outlets with safety covers. Every time you use electrical appliances, do not forget to unplug them. Always trim the branches of the trees in the backyard or the garden or any place where your kids play so that there is no natural contact with the electrical circuits, cables, wires and poles. Do not stick any items to the extension cord, electrical outlets and sockets. Keep away good conductors of electricity from the kids so that they do not experiment them with the electrical system of the house and hurt themselves. Stop the practices of overloading the sockets with too many pins and ensure that your kids do not play with any electrical items. Also, watch out if they try putting their fingers or wires into the sockets.  You can check out electrical safety tips for your kids here.

Kids are always curious and experimenting. So it is recommended to take care of the children and keep them away from circuit boards and other electrical appliances. Make sure your kids are not playing with water near the circuit boards. It is always better to install the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs). Kids should always be guided by the parents and should be informed about the consequences if anything goes wrong with the electrical system of the house.

Electrical Fire Safety Tips


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There are many accidents due to electrical fire blasts causing millions of life to death and damages. Here are few electrical fire safety tips that can ensure safety.

Always repair or replace the damaged wires, cables and electrical cords. Use fire resistant materials like potassium silicate, sodium silicate, mineral wool, Asbestos cement, perlite boards, gypsum boards, calcium silicates and other available material for constructing buildings. Always inspect and check the wiring system, sockets, switches, and other electrical systems. Prevent the runway of electrical cords under the carpet or on the door. Switch off the electrical appliances which are not in use. Do not forget to replace the electrical items that heat fast.

Always check the current rate and rank of the electrical adaptors. Do not overload any circuits or switchboards. Also, do not exceed the usage of watt mentioned in the electrical appliances and light systems. Keep combustible items away from the fuse box and electricity meters. Call the electricians or fire rescue teams if you smell any burning that cannot be identified or explained.

Electrical Safety around the Home


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Electrical safety around the home is of great concern. In order to maintain electrical safety in and out of the house, we must always upgrade the electric circuits and system to the new technological products which ensure guaranteed safety. We must not ignore flickering or dim lights, breakers that constantly trip, fuses that more often blow, the switches and outlets that usually stop working when the breaker is adjusted or the fuse is replaced with new ones, the points in the circuit boards that get heated up fast and the switchboards that are scorching to touch.

We must always check the electrical system of the house regularly by appointing electrical contractor who has a license issued by the respective government departments or certified private electrical organizations. We must stop overloading the outlets and plug points. Always use the right pin to charge any electrical items. We must all install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) in the wet areas like the bathrooms, washing place and outdoors. By installing GFCIs shocks can be avoided.

According to the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines always check and test the GFCIs to ensure electrical safety around the home. Even the electrical instruments near the gardens and backyards should not be neglected. Always look up for the cables, wires, and electrical poles that might be dangerous for the house environment due to overgrowing of trees. Always trim the branches if it intersects or clashes with the public electrical poles and cables as it might not only cause damage to your house but also the public. Contact the local cable and electrical officers before you dig for fence posts or deck supports. Always use extension chords that are recommended for outdoor usage.

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Never let the water systems of the garden to come in contact with the electrical systems. Also, do not hang wet clothes on cables and wires that are meant to carry electricity. By following these simple steps electrical safety around the home can be maintained very well.

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