It is true that the home is the utmost investment that you have made in your life. So, basically, a home is a place where you can easily lead a healthy, stress-free and a very vibrant life. When you are entering your home, you will certainly prefer to leave behind all your anxiety and stress

Things You Need for your First Apartment

First Apartment Checklist

It is true that the home is the utmost investment that you have made in your life. So, basically, a home is a place where you can easily lead a healthy, stress-free and a very vibrant life. When you are entering your home, you will certainly prefer to leave behind all your anxiety and stress so that you can enjoy some time with your family member. It is the perfect place where you can spend quality time with your loved ones and can recapitulate all those golden moments that you have spent earlier with them. In a nutshell, home strengthens the bonds between each of the family members and bring all of them under one roof.

So, when you are planning to purchase a house or an apartment for you and your family members, you always need to put some extra care and effort. People usually purchase or buy an apartment either by seeing some advertisements or getting recommended by others or influenced by google search results. You can check out buy an apartment in kerala here.  But a plethora of studies claim that many companies do some cheap or inferior quality promotions only to entice customers towards their projects. When it comes to the handover phase, they hardly provide them with any modern amenities or use very inferior quality materials for construction. So, it is always recommendable that as a buyer you should do all types of verification and research before investing a single penny in a property. To get more knowledge click on home buyers guide on guruvayoor

When you are desperately hunting for a new luxurious apartment, it is always advisable that you make a checklist which can make your apartment hunting process much simpler. Below, we are mentioning some points that you should incorporate when you are preparing the list of things required for the first apartment.

Apartment Hunting or Inspection Checklist

1. Structure

 On your apartment hunting checklist, the structural soundness of the building should be given the top priority. You should thoroughly check the materials that are used to make your apartment. If required, you may ask your builder regarding the material details of your apartment. You also need to check the insulation, placement of power points and other wire connections of your building. Before purchasing a new apartment, you also need to ask your builder whether your building is earthquake resistant or not.

2. Amenities

You also need to check whether your apartment is equipped with all new amenities (gym, swimming pool, indoor games area, banquet hall, fire extinguisher etc.) or not.

3. Car parking

Does your new apartment has a separate car parking zone? You should check this point before investing a single penny on your apartment. If you find that your building does not possess a parking area, then it won’t be a wise decision for you to go ahead with that building.

4. Outdoor area

If you have children, then before purchasing an apartment you should check whether it includes any outdoor area or not. Because children love to play different outdoor games and for that, they need a spacious and airy outdoor area. Moreover, if you have a large and open outdoor area, then you can also do some physical activities which are very wholesome for your health.

5. Noise level

Before purchasing an apartment, you should check the noise level of the building. If your apartment is located at a very busy or overcrowded street, then you should go for a second option specially if you have some elderly persons with you.

6. Garbage disposal

You should check whether your apartment possesses a proper garbage disposal facility or not. Because if garbage is not properly disposed of, then you will not at all receive a healthy atmosphere.

7. Security

Before buying an apartment, you should check security services of the building specially if you have kids with you. If your building has 24X7 security services, then you don’t need to go for any other options.

8. Connectivity

Connectivity is another prime factor when you are planning to purchase a new apartment. If your apartment is well-connected with retail shops, hospitals, schools, bus stops and medical stores, then everything will become easier for you.

It is always true that moving to a new apartment is very compelling and thrilling as you are going meet lots of new people, new location and new ambience. But simultaneously you can’t deny that planning a move is certainly an exhausting endeavour. This entire process of moving involves lots of intricate steps as you need to purchase or bring a lot of new things so that you can start a comfortable life at your new apartment.

Below, we are mentioning certain things required for the first apartment.

1. Bed and mattress

In order to make a sound sleep, you need a bed, mattress and pillows. If you don’t have adequate sleep, then it would be difficult for you to accomplish your daily activities.

2. Sofa

It won’t look good that in your new apartment you are sitting on the floor. So, to make a comfortable sitting, you need a sofa or couches.

3. Electrical equipment

For your new apartment, you need some electrical equipment like LED lamps, AC, Fridge and television. If you have children, then you have to purchase a television for them because they love to watch cartoons on television. Moreover, you can also spend your leisure time by watching TV. Fridge is also a very pertinent thing for your new apartment. Because it won’t be possible for you to cook every day or if you have some extra food, then you can easily store it in your fridge.

4. Other furniture

Apart from sofa, you need some other furniture like chairs, table, wardrobe (where you can keep your clothes), utensil rack etc.

5. Curtains or blinds

Curtains or blinds are essential as they provide safety and security to you and your family members. Moreover, they also give a protection against the harmful UV rays from the sun.

6. Crockery items and kitchen appliances

Without crockery items and kitchen appliances it won’t be very difficult for you to survive at your new apartment. So, you need to purchase an oven, microvan, gas cylinder, dishes, plates, spoons and other cooking utensils so that you can cook some salubrious and mouth-watering recipes for you and your loved ones.

7. Cleaning tools

In order to maintain a healthy atmosphere inside your room, you need cleaning equipment like a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher, duster, sponge, microfiber cloths, disinfectants etc. Nowadays, a soap or an antiseptic liquid is the must for every house, so that people can wash their hands before consuming any food or drink.

Above, we only mentioned the name of some pre-requisite items that you need to survive at your new apartment. There are several other things like carpets, lamp shed, chandelier, showpieces, welcome mat, indoor plants, dining table etc. which we can purchase later. All these items will certainly uplift the look of your new apartment.

First Apartment Grocery List

If you want to serve your family members with some delicious and healthy recipes or may want to welcome your guests (who came to meet you at your new apartment) with new dishes, then apart from crockery items you also need some grocery items. So, it’s better that you make a checklist before purchasing the grocery items for your new apartment. Some grocery things required for the first apartment are,

1. Vegetables: Potatoes, cabbages, green peanuts, capsicum, spinach, lettuce, avocados etc.

2. Dairy items: Milk, cheese, butter, mayonnaise

3. Fruits: Apple, banana, lemons, cucumber, tomatoes, blackberries

4. Meat: Chicken, ground beef, bacon

5. Grains: Rice, wheat, pasta, bread, cereals, oats

6. Miscellaneous: Eggs, nuts, juices, jam, sugar, flour, salt, black pepper, spices, vegetable oils etc.

First Apartment Checklist for Renters

A new apartment is not at all a headache for the renters because they are not going to stay there for a long time and moreover, they are not purchasing the apartment. They are only giving the rent to the owner of the apartment. But if you are a renter, then you also need to check the basic things like the structure of the apartment, security, amenities and connectivity before paying the rent to the owner. You can check out advantages of apartment living here.

Since, as a renter you are getting an almost furnished or semi-furnished apartment, so you don’t need to purchase many things. You only need some basic items like bed, crockery items, cleaning tools, grocery items, television and AC (though these two are optional). You need all these preliminary items so that you can lead a normal life in your first rented apartment.

First College Apartment Checklist

If you are college student and you are looking for some rented apartments, then you should give priority to three things and they are security (because you are quite young), connectivity (you would like to choose those apartments which are nearer to your house, amenities (like gym, swimming pool, outdoor area since you are more concern about your fitness).

Since you are also moving to a furnished or semi-furnished apartment and moreover, you are sharing the apartment with other students, so you don’t need to purchase a lot of things. You only need a bed (preferably single) including mattress and pillow, some cookery and grocery items and cleaning items like soap, hand wash, toiletries and disinfectant for your own health and hygiene. Since you are a college student so you must be equipped with lots of gadgets like laptop, mobile phone, iPod, power bank, dongle etc. So, before paying the rent for your new apartment, you should check the plug points and wire connection so that you can smoothly run your work and other educational activities through your gadgets.

Hope, all the above-mentioned information has given you a clear idea regarding what you need if you are planning to move to your new apartment. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start you first move to your new apartment.

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