Nowadays, many people live in a limited space for several reasons, apart from the cost. If you have limited living space, then you have to be more creative so that you can utilize all the space prudently and can fit all your furniture comfortably in that provided area. Space is the important element that most

Nowadays, many people live in a limited space for several reasons, apart from the cost. If you have limited living space, then you have to be more creative so that you can utilize all the space prudently and can fit all your furniture comfortably in that provided area. Space is the important element that most people usually overlook when they are planning to design their home.

Below, we are mentioning some clever space saving ideas for small apartments which will make your home feel bigger and appealing.

         1. Use what’s behind the door cleverly

  1. This vertical storage is ideal for small apartments. These days the markets are crammed with different door organizers that are made especially for people who are living in tight spaces like flats in thrissur. These multipurpose organizers come in different hues, and they are either made of plastics or clothes.  You can buy as many as door organizers and creatively use all the doors(bathroom door, entry door, bedroom door, closet door, etc.) in your apartment. This could be a great solution where you can keep your shoes, school and office supplies, jewelry items, and other miscellaneous things.

    2. Bunk bed

    If you are looking for space saving ideas for small apartments then you can easily go for bunk beds. Putting two beds on the floor will occupy more space. So, instead of putting two twin beds on the floor you can put them vertically. Bunk beds are ideal for the kids’ room. Bunk beds will not only save some space for you but they also increase the aesthetic appearance of your bedroom.

    3. Go for storage bed

    Instead of purchasing a flatbed, you should go for a storage bed. Having a storage bed also helps a great deal in stacking all your bedspreads and linens together. You can put your beddings, pillows, covers, extra clothes, utensils and other items in these storage spaces and utilize them as per your need.

    4. Use elevated sleeping area:

    If your bedroom is not spacious, then you can place your bed in an elevated area. In this way, you can get more space in your room where you can organize and keep rest of your belongings nicely. You can also utilize the extra space in many other ways.

    5. Go for modular kitchen cabinet:

    you can smartly use modular kitchen cabinets which will help you in storing all the essential things like utensils, crockery, and cutlery items. This will not only help you in utilizing all your kitchen spaces wisely but also it will provide you with some additional spaces. You can use the countertop as a working area and can quickly clean the leftover mess without any hassle. You can even put hanging hooks hanging inside the cabinet where you can keep your spoons, measuring cups and lightweight utensils that in use on a daily basis. Moreover, wall mounted shelves will also help you to save a lot of space in the kitchen. On these shelves, you can store essential kitchen items and crockery sets.

    6. Prefer magnetic storage:

    If you have a tiny kitchen area, then you need to utilize your space very wisely. Though the kitchen cabinet is a good option where you can store your utensils and other crockery items easily, still it is expensive. Many people can’t afford a kitchen cabinet due to its price. In that case you can use magnetic strips where you can keep your kitchen items without using much space according to your budget. Read Low Cost Interior Design for Homes.

    7. A tiny cabinet in the bathroom:

    You can put a small and sturdy cabinet with drawers in your bathroom and can easily hide away things like towels, hairdryers and other toiletries. This will help you to store all your bathroom essentials in one place and will keep your bathroom tidy and clutter-free. Some holding hooks are also essential components where you can hang your bathroom stuff in the low place method.

    8. Use a sliding door for your bathroom:

    Bathroom is the smallest place of your apartment, and thus, you can’t fill this area with too many things and furniture. One smart idea is always to choose sliding doors for your bathrooms because sliding doors consume less space as compared to the swing outdoors. Moreover, sliding doors will also enhance the appearance and look of your bathroom.

    9. Stair drawers:

    If you are looking for some astounding space saving ideas for small apartments, then you can go for stair drawers. Though they look like stairs, the extra space inside the drawers will help you in storing and hiding your stuff. This is saves-up space and also enhances the look of your home. Here are 11 Most Interesting Staircase Design Ideas for Smal Spaces.

    10. Sofa cum bed:

    Shortage of space is something that every individual is facing in this small world. If you are living in a small apartment, then it would be tough to make a guest room for your visitors. But if you have this furniture (sofa cum bed) with you, then you can welcome your guests warmly. You just need to deploy this furniture in your living area and then just stay relaxed moo. The sofa cum bed is a functional furniture which is a seating set up, that you can unfold as a bed as per your requirement.

    11. Use couches as an alternative to the guest bed:

    These days, full-sized couches are very versatile and apart from seating you can use them in many ways. You can purchase two full-sized couches and then club them together into a makeshift bed for your guest. In this way, you don’t need to get an extra bed for your guests.

    12. Use your shelves as your workstation:

    You can easily use your bedroom shelves or other room’s shelves as your desks where you can keep your laptop, mobile phones, chargers, etc. Even you can keep your diaries, books, notebooks in these places and use them as per your requirement. With these shelves, you don’t need to purchase bookshelves or worktables to keep your usable items. This is indeed a space saving idea which will help you to save some spaces which you can utilize for other purposes.

    13. Use your furniture as your storage devices:

    Instead of purchasing a plain chair, table and couch, go for that furniture which will serve as storage devices apart from seating. You can opt for seating that serves double duty, like storage ottomans and storage couches. Nowadays, the markets are crammed with lots of furniture that are specially designed for people who live in small apartments. Couches have armrests that open up to reveal cup holders, storage for remote controls, magazines, and more. Try using your side table as a storage piece where you can keep your blankets, pillow covers, etc. easily without having an extra shelf or basket. You can also keep your goodies, sports items, entertainment items like CDs, DVDs, etc. inside your coffee table.

    14. Go for Bookcases:

    Bookcases are the lifesaver when it comes to living in a small apartment. They come in small shapes, hues and sizes. They are multi-functional yet magnificent. You can use them to store your books, magazines and other house collections to clear your clutter and to give your room a new design. You can store your laptop, printer and other gadgets easily on them.

    15. Light and mirror:

    While living in a tiny space, keep your focus on lighting and mirror. Lights will not only enlighten your place but also create the illusion of more space. Try to use your windows fully and don’t cover them with dark coloured curtains. Instead of using curtains, you can go for blinds which will help external light to enter your home appear brighter and larger. The same thing is applicable for mirrors. A mirror will create some illusion of spaces and make your room look larger and more extensive.

Above, we mentioned only a few innovative and clever space saving ideas for small apartments. You can find many more creative and unique ideas on the internet and can use those ideas meticulously in saving space in your tiny apartment.

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