Low-cost house doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality and design of the house you are planning for yourself and your family. It is often found that people cross their budgets at the end, and sometimes due to unplanned construction, many jobs remain incomplete even after their families start residing. No one is ready

A Guide to Low Cost House Construction Methods in Kerala

low cost house construction methods kerala

Low-cost house doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the quality and design of the house you are planning for yourself and your family. It is often found that people cross their budgets at the end, and sometimes due to unplanned construction, many jobs remain incomplete even after their families start residing. No one is ready to pay more or pay unnecessarily. In most of the cases, it is found that cost of the construction increases just because of lacking of a proper plan.

Experts often show the ways and provides tips for low-cost house construction. You can think of various low-cost house construction methods for your dream home, but always be careful to adopt the most suitable plan in commensurate with your budget, and average weather condition of your place. You need to keep in mind that Kerala falls in the tropical climatic zone, where rainfall is quite high, and the summer temperature rises as high as 40 degrees on an average.

You need to keep in mind that Kerala falls in the tropical climatic zone, where rainfall is quite high, and the summer temperature rises as high as 40 degrees on an average. A low cost house in Kerala can be easily accomplished with a bit of research and intelligence.

Tips for low cost house construction methods Kerala

You may get plenty of low cost house construction plans from different sources, but that doesn’t mean you’ll end up within your budget. So, here are some low cost house construction methods Kerala you must follow.

1.Plan before you leap

Plan Before You Leap

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Only a right plan can put you in a right track. People often make mistakes by starting a house construction job without a plan. So, plan according to your term, and condition, plan with your family members, and well-wishers. Through different suggestions, many newer ideas will come out that will help you to design the best possible low cost house without compromising with the quality. Planning at this stage need not to be technically correct. It is the primary blueprint that will show what you and your family needs, and how everything will be accomplished.

If your are tying to buy an apartment then follow this checklist.

2.Look for a plot that is available at a low cost

This is a difficult task these days. Plots for housing is too costly in Kerala. Still, you can prefer to purchase a plot in a comparatively remote place that is not “so developed”, but has a huge potential to become an extended part of the city where you live. The suburban areas in Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram, Ernakulam, etc. and many other cities are at their developmental stages. Plots here are available at comparatively lower prices. Again, you can consider to buy a land that needs some modifications to make it suitable for building. If you prefer water bodies nearby, chose a canal or bay lot, instead of a river or sea front property. With the help of a good contractor, you will be able to construct a beautiful and sturdy house over it. A low-cost land will significantly lower down the overall budget.

3.Find a reputed contractor and a civil engineer

Find a Reputed Contractor and a civil engineer

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This aspect is the most important part in any sorts of house construction process. Your low-cost building construction can only be materialized with a professional support from an experienced contractor. At the initial stages, you may need the help or advice of an engineer, but a good contractor can take this responsibility too. These days, most of the contractors are habituated to offer packaged services, that means, they will give you a budget and they will take the overall responsibility to complete the construction job within the deadline. But, this is not a good idea for a low-cost house construction. Look for an experienced contractorwho will provide labor, and expertise.

4.Find a reputed supplier and buy low-maintenance building materials

You will find a plenty of building material suppliers in your town or city, but choose the one, whom the majority of people rely, and who has a long experience in this field. This is not a tough job, you can search online, and consult with local people, and friends to get the addresses of the reputed suppliers in your place. Choose from at least 3-4 reputed suppliers after discussion with all of them. A good supplier and a good contractor will help you to procure inexpensive, but low-maintenance building materials. If possible, ask the supplier to provide some products on a long-term credit. A professional supplier will agree. This will help you to invest money in some other jobs.

5.Collect some salvaged materials from demolition sites

Collect Some Salvaged Materials From Demolition Sites

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You may have noticed many old houses are demolished and the salvaged materials are carried away by the contractors or promoters. In fact, these materials are sold in the market and reused in similar types of jobs. Find out where these materials are available, and procure some salvaged materials that can be used in your construction work. This is another secret behind the low cost housing technology. In this way, you can save money, and lower down the cost of construction. In this matter, remember two important things: you need to look for these products all by yourself or with the help of very reliable persons, and you shouldn’t disclose this matter to the supplier, whom you have contacted for procuring building materials.

6.Buy accessories from reputed sources

You need to buy lots of accessories, apart from building materials, for completing the house, and making it habitable. Products like electric wirings, and fittings, glass panes, kitchen and bathroom fittings, flooring materials, etc. need to be purchased at the right prices from a reliable merchant. It is better to buy these products directly from a hub, where many merchants deal in such products. In any low cost construction methods, experts advise to not indulge in any costly accessories. Spend only on those things which are essential, not a sign of aristocracy.

7.Monitor every bit of the construction job

Monitor Every Bit of the Construction Job

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It is imperative if you want to save money to follow the job on a day-to-day basis. Though, you will have an excellent contractor for accomplishing the job still, track the construction workers. It will keep them, including the contractor under pressure to use right quantity of products, avoid damage, and work as per the schedules.

8.Keep the purchased products securely

Keeping cement bags, bricks, chips, sand in any open space, or just casually may not be safe. There always remain a chance of damage, pilferage, and spoilage. So, prepare a safe place for building materials. If that is not possible, as the suppliers to deliver products in small quantities.

9.Buy materials collectively, if possible

Buy Materials Collectively, if Possible

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It is possible only if you, and your neighbours or friends, or colleagues are constructing the houses at the same time. When you purchase a product in bulk, the supplier is sure to provide some extra discount.

10.Buy less costly woods for doors and windows

There is a common notion among the Malayalee that teak doors and windows are the best ones for security and safety of a house. There is no science behind this concept. Use collapsible gates, and grills for more security. Go for less costly woods that are abundantly available in the market, and that would be equally effective. Ask your carpenter to make them pest free, so that they remain strong for years.

11.Don’t go for a show kitchen or a majestic bathroom

Don’t Go For a Show Kitchen or a Majestic Bathroom

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People like to design kitchen, and bathrooms with the best of their imaginations, but in case of low budget houses, you need to avoid such splurging habit. The cabinets, flooring, furniture & fixture, etc., all add up to the expenses in the construction of kitchen and bathroom. It is important to keep everything simple, with just one spacious kitchen, one common bathroom, and one bedroom attached bathroom. More you keep them simple, more you will save hard-earned money. While buying taps, shower sprays, basins, etc. never buy expensive brands. There is nothing wrong in the inexpensive brands, except that they are less known in the market.

12. Keep the staircases, and pavements as simple as possible

Once the house is completed, it is almost a common norm among the Malayalee to go for expensive pavement tiles, and expensive staircase designs. Besides adding some beauty elements, these products don’t have any utility. Pavements made of tiles don’t allow water to recede naturally, which is also a problem in a tropical region like Kerala. It is found that in almost every Kerala house construction steps and pavements take much of the budget, which should be avoided in a low cost house construction.

In any low budget house construction, two things are really important: simplicity of the design, and speed of work, which make a construction process affordable, effective, and perfect. In fact, both of these two aspects are in your control. Good contractor and suppliers can make your job easier, and faster too. So, always make these selections as suitable as possible. An efficient contractor can speed up the process, make the job more enduring, and keep focus on your budget. In low-cost house construction techniques Kerala is counted among the tops in India. If your planning is full-proof, and you are ready to control everything from the front, then your house will be established right in front of you and your family, within the budget.

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