Having a nicely decorated and designed home is what almost all dream of. Interior decor enhances the aesthetic beauty of a property but also enhance the property price. In a region like Kerala where real estate sector is rapidly booming, it is wise decision to invest in interior decor and design. But unfortunately, there is

Having a nicely decorated and designed home is what almost all dream of. Interior decor enhances the aesthetic beauty of a property but also enhance the property price. In a region like Kerala where real estate sector is rapidly booming, it is wise decision to invest in interior decor and design. But unfortunately, there is a misconception that interior decoration and design is very expensive. The truth is just the reverse. If you are looking for ideas about low cost interior design for homes in Kerala, you can even go ahead with low budget interior design. It is considered to be a wise choice for investment that will assist you in increasing the property rate in case you develop a plan of selling it later.

Here are some interior design ideas for small homes in low budget in Kerala:

1. Designing the courtyard

Designing the courtyard

Mostly all Kerala houses had a courtyard in the center of the house that is either covered or is an open space with sitting arrangement or swing. It was a signature feature of Kerala old house interior design. If you have any plan of designing your house, you need to make out some space and can add a swing in that zone. If not swing, then you can think of using a wooden bench as well. Keeping into concern Kerala traditional home design, it is the wooden structures that go best.

2. Mosaic Tiles

If you are looking for low cost flooring ideas Kerala, then Mosaic tiles is what you need to go ahead with. Mosaic tiles enhance the appearance of the floor or any other places they are used. This beautiful home decor element comes within an affordable range but you need to keep in concern that you are selecting the right tile colour and quality. This is essential because it will help in keeping the floor fresh as well as vibrant for a long period of time. Tiles are also among those home decor range which you don’t have to change quite frequently.

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3. Brick Wall

 Brick Wall

It is yet another yet innovative and highly affordable Kerala Home interior design ideas. If you are willing to buy a home in this southern state of India with a desire of giving the same a makeover that comes within an affordable range, going ahead with brick wall is considered as a reliable choice for low cost interior design for homes in Kerala. The brownish red texture of bricks on one wall of any room, be it dining o drawing, will serve as a great contrast with the wooden traditional architecture.

4. Pillar-just for show

Though the interior courtyard and the pillars form an essential section of Kerala home design, these days modern design and architecture has fully omitted them. If you are willing to get that traditional touch for your home in Kerala, pillars are considered as the best and greatest choice. They can easily be placed outside your home on both ends of the corridor or around the lush green lawn. If we consider the traditional Kerala home design, pillars are more used there. It also makes your roof to be safe.

5. Water body

Water body

As Kerala has a humid and hot climate almost throughout the year, it is a good idea to have a water body within the home. It is considered as one of the cheapest interior design ideas. For decorating the water body, you can add those fragrant floating flowers, fragrant candles.

6. Flower arch

In almost all houses in Kerala, there is adequate space to create a small garden. In case you don’t have any such space, you can even nurture a flower arch in the terrace or decorate the backyard door with an arch that is made of those flowery creepers. This is a beautiful interior design on a budget for the backyard door.

7. A terracotta vessel with flowers

Putting on flower garlands on hair is an old and very popular tradition in Kerala. The people living here seem to love being close to nature. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t love to stay close to nature. Find out a visible place in your drawing or living room; get a terracotta vessel that has a broad open mouth. Fill this vessel with water and add some gel. Now sprinkle some rose petals on top. Make sure to change these petals as well as the water occasionally. A reliable option is using artificial flowers. This whole concept is rated as the best ever simple living room designs in Kerala.

8. Traditional Kitchenware

Cast iron and brass vessels, kitchenware, cookware and pots have gained immense popularity in most of the households in Kerala. If you have them as well, you can go ahead with using them for decorative purposes. This is yet another best Kerala house interior design. Using them on a regular basis will again make it easier for you to incorporate the same in decoration and usage likewise. For that, first you need to make sure that you are comfortable with the usage of kitchenware for decoration and likewise make steps ahead.

Place those small and big vessels next to one another and not the small and big ones together in a clustered manner. It is the placement of the vessels that do bring change to the kitchen.

9. Use of mats as curtains

Sounds unique right? Well, you can use mats as curtains if you are having a long corridor with big windows, which is very commonly found in houses in Kerala. It is both and eco-friendly home decor approach as well as an amazing and stunning one. There are various techniques of tying rope around these mats so as to fold them whenever needed to let sunlight and fresh air enter. Often, people looking for low cost interior design ideas overlook the use of mats curtain for interior designing. You can check out A guide to low cost house construction methods in Kerala

10. Plants along the staircase

It is probably the best and low cost staircase design in Kerala. If you have quite broad stairs, you can place plant pots along it. This is another eco-friendly home decor approach that at the same time will uplift the appeal of the staircase.

11. Fountain

A modern interior design, this will definitely uplift the value of your home in Kerala. You can have a fountain in any corner of your living room. It is recommended to place a statue next to the fountain as it will drag the attention of the visitors to a great extent. Today fountains are available within an affordable range and are also can be installed very easily.

12. Designed plates

When you are decorating the floor, staircase and every corner of the house, why leave the walls blank? Add a tint of beauty to those boring walls with designed plates. These are available in the shops at an affordable range or even if you are a good painter or know someone who paints well, you can go ahead with DIY wall decor plates. It is a popular home design in Kerala style ideas in use recently.

13. Designer fans and lights

Available with some of the popular electrical product selling brands, these designer fans and lights uplift the texture of the ceiling. Get the best quality product and keep the ceiling up with other interior decoration ideas.  These are easily available within an affordable range.

14. Create a mini library

If you are a bookworm, you might be having numerous books in your home but all scattered here and there. Gather them in one place, get a nice wooden or wrought iron made bookshelf and arrange the books accordingly. Place this shelf in some peaceful corner of your house. This will give you the feel of your high school library.

15. Flower vases

In Kerala, flowers of different types are available in plenty and it can be used for low cost interior design for homes in Kerala. Flower vases are available in the market in various sizes, shapes and colours. You can use them for decorating your home as this is considered as the best home interior decorating ideas for small spaces when nothing else comes in concern. But do make sure to select the vase carefully as well as the flowers. The flowers and vases need to contrast each other as well as the colour of the interior walls. The vases can be wine bottles, pots, terracotta or brass vases etc.

16. Painting canvas

Painting a canvas for display on the wall is the most reliable home decor option. You can go ahead with the use of cardboard template or anything artistic. If you are a good painter, it is the best option to let your talent speak.

17. Photo frames

The best of all low budget interior design ideas is getting photo frames to decorate the wall. These frames can either consist of pictures of you and your dear ones or some abstract images. Photo frames have become a low cost interior design for homes in Kerala.

Wrapping up

Still thinking of how to decorate home in low budget? Take a break and uplift the appeal of your home’s interior with any of these above mentioned ideas. You can be sure of remaining within your budget.

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low cost interior design for homes in kerala

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